• Refine your skills of teaching yoga
  • Develop a deeper understanding of why and how we can educate students about the different facets of yoga
  • Cultivate Self awareness and discernment to make better life choices to practice yoga on and off the mat

We are so sad to have postponed this program. We hope that you'll consider studying with us in the future. If you want to stay in the loop about future dates, make sure to add your name and email to our list. You can also reach out to us with questions.

3 Modules

This training is divided into 3 modules so that you have the opportunity to apply what you learn in between modules and come back to discuss your experience.

Diverse Faculty

Different perspectives and backgrounds contribute to a more well-rounded understanding We have recruited expert guest faculty to lead specific components of each module.

Ideal Location

We've selected a serene training location, surrounded by nature. A seculded setting allows for unplugging from daily distractions, and fostering self-reflection and meaningful conversation.

Why take an advanced training?

An advanced 300-HR yoga teacher training is intended to expand upon and further a teacher's understanding of what they learned in a foundational 200-HR level training. Yoga is a discipline that teaches us to move from the obvious to the subtle, and this training fosters that process as a yoga practitioner and in your skills as a teacher. The three main learning outcomes of this training are the following:

1. Provide a deep dive into the anatomical system, the nervous system, and the fundamentals of biomechanics

2. Leave with a better understanding on how to intentionally grow and refine your yoga business

3. Refine your ability to individualize the practice of yoga to better serve clients in your community and unique clientele

Training Schedule and Location

Module 1:

Legs & Base

Dates Coming

Full Immersion

Daily 8a - 5:30p

Module 2:

Spine & Core

Dates Coming

Full Immersion

Daily 8a - 5:30p

Module 3:


Dates Coming

Full Immersion

Daily 8a - 5:30p

You may take modules individually, or enroll in all three. To earn a 300-HR certificate from HYI, you must complete all three modules. We do not require that you complete all three modules within the same calendar year.

Each 100-hour module is 12 days, plus a 1-day break in the middle.

All three modules will be held at a private center in Ka'a'awa, which is roughly 50 minutes from HNL airport on O'ahu. On-site accomodations are offered at an additional price (see below).

Required texts include the following:

Bhagavad Gita - Any Translation

Yoga Sutras - Any Translation

Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, Jules Mitchell

Skill In Action, Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Step 1

Fill out an application. Tell us about your goals and why you want to take a yoga teacher training.

Step 2

Schedule a 20-minute phone interview. We want to make sure we're a good fit for each other.

Step 3

Make tuition payment, book accomodations, and start preparing for this exciting journey.

What this training IS

Hawaii Yoga Institute is committed to the living art of yoga. Our educational model aims to facilitate personal development, self-reflection and awareness, movement, meditation, and spirituality in an environment catered to learning, growing, and discovery with others.

The 300-HR yoga teacher training program follows the guidelines of the national American Yoga Alliance. Upon completing the program, students will be given a certificate by Hawaii Yoga Institute, which states that they have completed 300 hours of study in yoga teaching techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, philosophy and ethics, and has practiced modeling safe and effective yoga. Below are the topics that will be covered:

  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Nervous system
  • Biomechanics
  • The Gunas
  • Chakras and subtle body
  • Pranayama
  • Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras
  • Teaching one-on-one
  • Physical adjustments (if appropriate)
  • Social justice and transgender awareness
  • Teaching special/unique populations and inclusivity in yoga
  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • Teaching yin and restorative yoga
  • The business of teaching yoga
  • Yoga sequencing and curriculum development

What this training IS NOT

This is not a transformative teacher training. You are already a whole person and capable teacher. This training is here to help improve you skills and advance you knowledge, so that you have more tools to do what you do.

This will not be a safe space. This is a brave space. Only you can determine what is safe for you. And you will be empowered to ask and hold space for yourself to tribe.

This is not a pedagogical training. You will learn as much from your fellow trainees as you will from faculty. More over, our faculty are just as excited to learn from you!

Nam has led several 300-HR programs.

Here's what graduates of his training say:

When I was ready to do a deep dive into a 300-hour YTT, I did quite a bit of research. 3 things were most important to me: A strong basis in the knowledge and practice of functional, sustainable physical practices. Workshops that meet us where we are in our personal practice and teaching experiences so that we are better able to meet our own students’ needs. An atmosphere of collective learning, not a top-down, “copy and paste my style top-down directive from the teacher. Nam creates a culture in his YTTs and trainings that allow his fellow teachers and peers to learn from him and each other efficiently and simply, even when the topic is complex (as typically are yoga and movement practices).


Karen O'Lone

I attended Nam’s 300 Hour YTT through Yoga One San Diego. Nam is a truly well-versed yoga educator with tons of real-world experience, meaningful understanding of anatomy, a welcoming and inclusive attitude, and a great sense of humor. I not only thoroughly enjoyed learning from Nam, but also felt empowered to bring my personal background and experiences into my teaching, and to think outside of the box of traditional yoga asana.


Zaquia Salinas

Lead educators and guest faculty with diverse backgrounds and in-depth knowledge

Hawaii Yoga Institute aims to expose students to a variety of subjects from individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds. The 300-HR program will include lectures with several expert guest faculty.

Nam Chanterrwyn

Nam is the lead educator for Hawaii Yoga Institute's inaugural 300-HR program.

Nam is an E-CYT500 teacher who has trained under Jason Crandell and been featured on Yoga International. As a student of yoga and functional movement modalities, his yoga classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail and mindfulness. Nam focuses detailed verbal cues and expert hands on adjustments/assists to help his students find a fuller experience in their yoga practice; emphasizing specific learning objectives in each of his classes. Nam's belief is that teaching yoga is just like teaching any other subject, in that the teacher has a responsibility to not just provide a unique experience, but to educate their students on the subject itself. Whether taking his restorative or vinyasa class, students can expect to explore their strengths, work on focus, and learn to about the subject of yoga on and off the mat.

Nam has worked with professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA in a myriad of ways such as aiding in recovery from injuries, maintaining strength and flexibility Pre/Post season, improving range of motion, and increasing strength at the end range of motion. He has worked with other private clients as well, to help them recover from injury, improve their skills in specific yoga postures, and/or find mindfulness and stress reduction.

As a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) educator, Nam has been considered by his community as a "Teacher's Teacher" who enjoys helping students as well as other teachers further their study and understanding of yoga and movement.

Invest in yourself, and enroll in teacher training TODAY,

AND get in on our early-bird pricing!

Early Bird

Enroll 45 DAYS BEFORE each module starts to save $200.


(pricing is per module)

Full Tuition

Enroll WITHIN 45 days of each module start date.


(pricing is per module)


Remaining amount due before training start date.


(pricing is per module)

Tuition Refund Policy: Refund requests must be made in writing. Refunds are available only to students who pay in full. Refunds are not available to students who are using a payment plan because all payment plan payments are non-refundable. Please consider this information carefully when you are choosing and committing to the HYI yoga teacher training program.

  • If you cancel your enrollment 90 days or more before a program start date, you will receive a full 100% refund.
  • If you cancel your enrollment 89-60 days before a program start date, you will receive a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel your enrollment 59-30 days before a program start date, you will receive a 20% refund.
  • No refunds will be given less than 30 days before your program start date.
  • Tuition is non-transferable to another person or to another training date.

Food and Housing for 2022 Program

While you are welcome to find your own accomodations (housing, food, and transportation), we invite you to stay on-site with us. Staying on-site will foster a stronger sense of community with your peers. Plus, it will save time (and likely money) on your end if you don't live on island. Our training venue is in Ka'a'awa on the northeast side of O'ahu.

The accomodation fee is $2,150 per module (14 days), which is in addition to the cost of tuition. It is the direct cost of your housing and meals, which is paid directly to our partnering venue. Spots are limited, and most rooms are shared with one other person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have taken a 200-HR YTT in order to take this 300-HR program?

Yes, we require that all students entering the 300-HR training have completed a 200-HR program. This provides a more even starting point from which we can have shared language and understanding.

What style of yoga will I be certified in?

Your yoga certification will be in multi-style yoga. We feel it is valueable in modern times to have a well-rounded yoga education. We pride ourselves on giving you a unique educational experience with an introduction to many yoga styles, traditions, and teachers so that you may develop your own individual teaching voice from what you've learned.

I'm an international student. Can I attend the 300-HR YTT?

Your yoga certification will be in multi-style yoga. We feel it is valueable in modern times to have a well-rounded yoga education. We pride ourselves on giving you a unique educational experience with an introduction to many yoga styles and traditions so that you may develop your own individual teaching voice from what you've learned.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

We require all students to have English-language competency, have completed a 200-HR teacher training, go through a 20-minute phone interveiw, and demonstrate physical/mental health and readiness to fully participate in the demands of this program.

I have a previous commitment and need to miss a day(s) of class. Can I still sign up and participate in the course?

We recognize that each 100-hour module is a big commitment, and that there are some unavoidable time conflicts. However, we do have an attendance policy that we ask ALL students to agree to before enrolling. Missed hours require private make-up sessions and a make-up fee. If you'd like more information on this, please reach out, and let's chat about your needs.

I do not need accomodations, but I would like to participate in the meals. Is this an option?

Yes, we recognize that nourishing food is KEY to learning. You can indicate this on your application and we will confirm with you after enrollment.

Can I take HYI's 300-HR YTT if I completed my 200-HR YTT at a different school?

Yes! Your past experience and what you learned from other teachers can contribute to a richer learning environment for your peers. We would love to have you.

I can't do certain postures or have a physical injury. Can I participate?

Absolutely! Yoga is for everyone and every body. There are lots of ways to teach and engage in the physical practice without doing every single posture. Your experience can serve as a teacher to others. Plus, we spend lots, if not more, time on philosophy, ethics, and the non-physical parts of this discipline.

Am I required to complete all three modules? What if I can't take all three modules this year?

You can take one, two, or all three modules. There is no requirement to complete all three. However, if you want to earn your 300-HR graduation certificate from HYI, then, yes, you will need to complete all three. We plan to offer the same modules each year so that you can complete the 300-HR program in your timing; you do not need to finish them within the same calendar year.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are given on an individual basis. Here is the application. We do offer an early-bird discount for the 200-HR and 300-HR programs. We also accept MyCAA and GI Bill payments.

Do you accept GI Bill® payments?

We are still waiting approval from the VA to accept GI Bill payments for the 300-hour program. In the meantime, we encourage that you apply for the program so that you can save your spot in line.

Please click here to check your eligibility for the GI Bill® or call the GI Bill® Student Help Line at (888) 442-4551. We look forward to helping you complete your 200-HR YTT with this special tuition assistance option.

Do you work with the MyCAA program?

We are still waiting approval from the VA to accept MyCAA payments for the 300-hour progarm. In the meantime, we encourage that you apply for the program so that you can save your spot in line.

If you are a spouse of someone who is active in the military, you may be eligible for the federal MyCAA tuition assistance program. Please click here to learn more about the MyCAA program. We look forward to helping you complete your 200-HR YTT with this special 100-percent tuition assistance option.

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