Biomechanics of Mobility

  • Understand what "biomechanics" actually is
  • Understand how to apply it in your practice and teaching
  • Valuable for all yoga teachers, serious students, movement practitioners and body workers
  • 15 hours of YA continuing education credit

What will you learn?

This weekend immersion is appropriate for yoga teachers and students alike who are curious about the science behind mobility and positive tissue change. The way we teach modern movement, whether it be yoga, Pilates, Barre, or any other modality, is rapidly evolving based on new research. This workshop is designed to keep you current and informed by current biomechanics research and sports science.

I believe this course is valuable for all yoga teachers, serious students, movement practitioners and body workers.

Through my conversations with teachers and students, I have learned that there is a general misunderstanding of what "Biomechanics" actually is, and how to apply it to the practice of yoga. Biomechanics is not about alignment or functional movement. It is actually the study of how human tissue responds to force, and how to use force to affect positive change in movement and mobility.

Topics covered include:

  • Differentiating between Anatomy and Biomechanical principles
  • The role of the nervous system
  • Histology and tissue cell development
  • Tissue adaptation
  • Resistance stretching and Isometrics
  • Movement and Mobility
  • Skillful deviation of traditional yoga alignment
  • Improving control and range of motion
  • Tendonopathy and tissue strain

Dates and Location

Friday, July 15 | 5 - 8p (3 hours)

Saturday, July 16 | 9-12p, 1-5p (7 hours)

Sunday July 18 | 10-12p, 1-4p (5 hours)

Location at Hot Yoga By the Sea in Kailua, O'ahu

Nam Chanterrwyn


Nam is an E-CYT500 teacher who has trained under Jason Crandell and been featured on Yoga International. As a student of yoga and functional movement modalities, his yoga classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail and mindfulness. Nam focuses detailed verbal cues and expert hands on adjustments/assists to help his students find a fuller experience in their yoga practice; emphasizing specific learning objectives in each of his classes. Nam's belief is that teaching yoga is just like teaching any other subject, in that the teacher has a responsibility to not just provide a unique experience, but to educate their students on the subject itself. Whether taking his restorative or vinyasa class, students can expect to explore their strengths, work on focus, and learn to about the subject of yoga on and off the mat.

Nam has worked with professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA in a myriad of ways such as aiding in recovery from injuries, maintaining strength and flexibility Pre/Post season, improving range of motion, and increasing strength at the end range of motion. He has worked with other private clients as well, to help them recover from injury, improve their skills in specific yoga postures, and/or find mindfulness and stress reduction.

As a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) educator, Nam has been considered by his community as a "Teacher's Teacher" who enjoys helping students as well as other teachers further their study and understanding of yoga and movement.

Friday Masterclass


Can't commit to the full weekend? Join us for the first couple hours.

Friday July 15, 5-8p

The class fee is non-refundable.

Weekend Workshop


for the first 8 people to register

(pricing is $400 after that)

Friday July 15, 5-8p

Saturday July 16, 9-5p

Sunday July 17, 10-4p

There is a non-refundable deposit of $75 to hold your place. Please pay in full by the beginning of the course.

What students say about Nam:

❝Nam is an exceptional teacher who has changed my life immensely. I can’t help but feel very lucky to have learned from such a great man and teacher who has really taking the time to make sure that i can comprehend everything that i need to know to push my yoga practice and teaching skills to the next level. I will forever be grateful to him and i will always hold with me the many tools and wisdom he has passed down. There truly is no better mentor, teacher or friend.❞

- Alyssa Figueroa

❝Nam is an exceptionally skillful, attentive, and engaged student of yoga. He’s a clear, logical, critical thinker and has the rare ability to communicate with ease and accuracy. He’s also a gifted teaching assistant and has a natural eye for how the body moves. I’m proud to be his teacher and always happy when he’s in the yoga room with me as a student or assistant.❞

- Jason Crandell, International Yoga Teacher

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