Why Your Students Aren't Breathing Well with Lindsey Trubia

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  • Learn breath fundamentals and what was NOT covered in your 200-HR teacher training
  • Learn how to cue and teach optimal breathing in yoga asana
  • Understand how to use breath to regulate your emotional, mental, and physical health
  • Learn the science of why we must nasal breathe (day and night) for optimal health
  • Discover the root cause of sleep apnea, snoring, and asthma

Did you know, that 90% of adults are breathing wrong, leading to a laundry list of chronic disease? (Nestor, Breath 2020)

In this two-hour workshop, breathwork practitioner Lindsey Trubia will re-teach you how to breathe according to your metabolic needs and offer context of how the learning fits into historical yoga traditions.

Lindsey's hope after this class is a heighted awareness of your subconscious breath patterns and tools to optimize your airway health, both on and off the yoga mat.

What will you learn?

This course is for yoga teachers

  • What is effective breathing

  • How to optimize your respiratory health (and your students')

  • Accurate and effective breath cuing

  • Why and how different protocols vary (what's best and why)

  • Wim Hof breathing session to understand the different breath practices that are marketed to students

This course will help you to understand the root of breath awareness as it shows up in philisophical texts, alongside the different breath practices that are marketed to yoga students today. You will also leave with a basic understanding of breath mechanics, biochemistry, cadence, and the impact on your respiratory and nervous system.

By understanding these things, you'll also have the accurate language that helps you to teach with effective cuing for your students. You'll also leave with a clear understanding of which breathing protocols are best for which situations (example: sport training, calming anxiety, cultivating focus, living day-to-day).

You'll also walk away with:

  • Tips to mitigate stress and anxiety

  • Tips to fall asleep faster and wake up - no coffee needed!

Lindsey Trubia

RYT200, Reiki Level II, Wim Hof, Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko Practitioner


Upon completing her elite athlete career as a division 1 Women’s soccer player at Providence College in Rhode Island, Lindsey moved to Hawaii and immersed herself in yoga teacher trainings and big wave surfing. Little did she know the ocean’s energy would guide her through her journey of self love and purpose.

After experiencing a near-death experience in 2013 surfing in Hawaii, Lindsey’s life shifted away from 10 years as a corporate healthcare executive to traveling the world and creating Peak Flow—an evolving breath-based ecosystem, fueled by cutting-edge science and human connection through community-supported breathwork (CSB). Peak Flow also hosts global experiences for our community to connect, thrive and give back.

Certified through Wim Hof, Butekyo Clinic, and Oxygen Advantage academies, Lindsey has crafted a breathwork-based ecosystem with the support of holistic doctors, human performance experts, scientists, and providers all around the world. By applying her healthcare knowledge and passion for healing at the root, she embodies Peak Flow's mission every day, which is "to optimize human potential—one breath at a time."

Invest in yourself, and start breathing better!

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What students say about Lindsey:

❝Lindsey guides groups and individuals in breathing breath back into their lives. She combines her profound understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the breath with her intuitive wisdom, allowing her clients to dive deep within themselves with grace, support and ease. Standing firmly in her own strength, she creates a powerful container for her clients to release stories and trauma stored within the nervous system while helping them awaken into the present moment. Her guidance and care allow for alchemical transformation.❞

- Carren Mills, Student

❝When I first learned about Peak Flow and what their program entailed; I will admit I was intrigued but skeptical. But after the 2 days working with Lindsey and Rob I was absolutely amazed by the two day crash course. All I want to do now is learn more and dive deeper into what breath work can do not only for me but for performance enhancement for athletes everywhere.❞

- Rhi D, Strength & Conditioning Director at Penn State University

Do you have questions?

Will there be a replay if I miss the live class?

If you cant join us for the live session, you can purchase the recording at a discounted price. However, we hope you can join in real time. We'll be breathing together, and you'll have the oppotunity to interact with Lindsey and everyone else.

If I attend the live class, will I be able to watch the replay as well?

Yes, a recording will be sent to you after the workshop is complete.

What do I need for the session?

Bring a paper and pen. And find space that's comfortable to lay down for our breath session.

I have been told that certain breath practices are contraindicated for my health. Is it safe for me to practice this?

If you are pregnant or have epilepsy, we recommend that you do not practice the Wim Hof method. You can still participate in this workshop and skip the Wim Hof practice component.

Do you accept GI Bill® and MyCAA payments?

At this time, we only can accept GI Bill® and MyCAA payments for the qualified 200-HR and 300-HR yoga teacher training programs. Check out our upcoming dates if you'd like to participate.

Still have questions about this course?

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