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How to Heal, Not Harm: Your Words Matter

A two-day workshop, led by Harmony Tesoro

How to Heal, Not Harm:

Your Words Matter

Yoga teachers, what you say matters!

This is for all yoga teachers and movement professionals. In this workshop, we will spend time reflecting on, creating, and practicing cueing and general languaging that upholds non-harm across multiple facets. This includes invitational languaging, inclusivity, avoiding heirarchy and ableism, supporting body autonomy, and embodying yoga principles and philosophy. We will also dedicate a portion of this workshop to adapting our languaging when working with youth. As a bonus, we'll also look the impact our music selection can have in different teaching spaces.

Harmony's goal is for teachers to gain a greater self-awareness when it comes to cueing habits, tools to support shaping your overall languaging, and real-time teaching practice with peers.

Photo by Judy Nguyen

Saturday, November 18, 1:30-4:30p

Sunday, November 19, 12:30-3:30p

This is a two-day workshop, held on Saturday, November 18 (1:30-4:30p) and Sunday, November 19 (12:30-3:30p). We'll meet in Kāne'ohe, O'ahu, at Breathe Yoga + Barre.

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Course Learning Objectives

  • Deepened awareness of languaging habits, including areas of growth and opportunity.
  • Recognizing the impact of languaging from a trauma-informed, accessible, inclusive perspective, while also identifying ways to authentically honor the roots of yoga.
  • Tap into resources to support teacher language development and strategies for cueing in ways that uphold non-harm.

Topics Covered

  • Embodying and sharing yoga philosophy
  • Your voice matters; choose non-harm
  • The impact of your cues at the individual and collective levels
  • Breaking cycles of assumption, hierarchy, diet culture, body shaming, and appropriation.
  • Considerations around trauma and triggers
  • Essential trauma-sensitive languaging
  • Inviting choice as power
  • Connecting with youth; speaking their language
  • Your playlists have something to say, too
  • Teachers are forever learners

About Harmony

Ever the artist at heart, Harmony Tesoro (she/her) continues to root her work in creativity, innovation, and connection.

Founder of HarmsaStar, a human movement experience wholly communicated through dance, yoga, and education, Harmony has spent the last 10 years working with all people and ages, cultivating partnerships, collaborations, and life-long professional relationships across O'ahu. Harmony is truly humbled to continue growing and sharing within the fields of health, wellness, mindfulness, arts, and education here in Hawai'i.

Having worn many hats, Harmony brings an eclectic expertise and versatility to her endeavors. She has helped to develop and lead countless trainings with folks across the globe, specializing in teaching children’s, teen’s, and trauma-informed yoga. Currently, she serves as brand ambassador for a local yoga studio in Kāne'ohe, whose mission is close to her heart with respect to accessibility, inclusivity, and community wellness.

Harmony is ever grateful to her teachers, both past and present, and strives for continuous self-study every chance she gets. Two teachers in particular have made an immense impact on her evolving work: Hala Khouri, and Susanna Barkataki.

Harmony holds an MA in Teaching (Elementary), MFA in Dance, BA in Theatre Arts, is a recognized Artistic Teaching Partner (SFCA), and certified E-RYT 200 and RCYT.

What people say about Harmony:

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