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Path to Purpose:

New Moon Sanskrit Mantra Meditation

Join this Sunday workshop to develop an at-home mediation practice by using Sanskrit mantra. The upcoming new moon is a perfect setting in which to start something new and watch it grow

Led by Stephanie Keiko Kong

This lunation is the perfect cosmic setting in which to start something new and watch it grow.

Join "Path to Purpose" – a unique Sanskrit mantra meditation workshop tailored for the upcoming New Moon. This lunation is the perfect cosmic setting in which to start something new and watch it grow.

In a world buzzing with demands, you're already familiar with the grounding embrace of yoga and the power of mindfulness. Yet – let's be frank – maintaining an at-home daily meditation practice can feel like a faraway dream, whether you’re experienced or completely new to the cushion.

Our workshop is designed specifically for purpose-led people like you, who seek more than just the old platitude of "inner peace." It's about unlocking the full spectrum of benefits that meditation offers for a powerful and purposeful life.

Uncover the untapped potential of your personal power, align your goals with your inner resources, and sit in a supportive circle of other meditators.

No meditation experience needed – just a desire for a purposeful, easeful life.

All Sundays in May

8:00am Hawaii / 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

This is a one-hour, weekly workshop, starting on Sunday, May 5. (The actual new moon is two days later on May 7.) We'll meet live and virtually on Zoom.

First Sunday

by donation

This standalone intro workshop will serve as the first of 4 classes in a 21-day mantra meditation course. The first Sunday is offered by donation. You will not be turned away if you cannot pay.

Full Course


Attendees to the free intro will not receive a recording. Enrollees in the full course will receive all 4 call recordings.

*HYI graduates and trainees receive 50% off

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn all 5 mouth positions of Sanskrit pronunciation
  • Pronounce 7 different bīja with accuracy
  • Understand the spiritual/energetic significance of 7 different bīja
  • Develop a personal japa practice for continuation after the one-day workshop

Topics Covered

  • Bīja mantra: auṃ aiṃ hrīṃ śrīm klīṃ glauṃ gaṃ
  • Brief history of Sanskrit mantra
  • Selected basic mantra-related Sanskrit vocabulary
  • Japa how-to, practical applications and tailored recommendations

About Stephanie

Meet Stephanie Keiko Kong (they/she), a dynamic force in yoga education and co-lead faculty for Hawaii Yoga Institute. With over 20 years of experience in teaching, radio, yoga, theatre, singing, and Sanskrit mantra, Stephanie embodies a potent cocktail of expertise. Their praxis centers BIPOC, femme, and queer voices, as exemplified in her popular educational content across social platforms (@ponyponytail). Stephanie was born and raised in Wahiawā, Hawaiʻi, and is currently settled in Tongva territory, Long Beach, California. Be prepared to fall in love with the blissful sounds of Sanskrit, learn more than you expect, and probably dissolve with laughter at least once!

What people say about Stephanie:

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