Vocal Awakening with Noelani Love

  • Activate your voice and awaken your Soul
  • Learn and sing sacred mantras without fear
  • Learn how to play the ukulele to support your voice
  • Engage in Self inner-work practices with group support
  • Live ONLINE classes for 5 weeks

Was singing as a child in the comfort of your home something you loved, but somehow, somewhere, you lost that child-like innocence?

Are you afraid of speaking your truth? Singing in public? Expressing your truth?

Are you afraid of the power of your own voice? Are you allowing yourself to choose unhealthy habits (overeating, drinking, silencing yourself) instead of truly expressing your voice? If you are answering YES to any of these questions, you are not alone. I totally feel you, because I've been there sister!

Here's how it all started…

In birthing my son 14 years ago, I was reborn through the ORGASMIC + PRIMAL sounds that moved through my voice in my all-natural, unmedicated home birth. I felt so empowered, like I was SUPERWOMAN! I REBIRTHED myself through the power of my voice. I let go of the shame of my own voice and my power that I had held onto for so long. From then on, I knew I wanted to help other women to feel the same divine power within them that I felt in myself. And the journey of discovering tools to support my own vocal awakening began: I would never have even dreamed I would be teaching voice workshops, release multiple albums, and teaching other women how to find their voices.

As women, we are creative channels and vessels of SHAKTI energy. These sacred practices will support you in becoming the superwoman that you came here to be! Humanity needs you to offer up your unique gifts that only YOU embody. We are on the verge of a global awakening and it is YOUR time. It would be my greatest honor to serve YOU on this journey of exploring your full potential through the power of your voice.



Do these words this resonate? Do they activate something within you? Are you ready to release the blocks and limiting beliefs around your throat chakra? Are you willing to let go of the shame connected to your womb space of creativity?




Now is the time!!! You deserve to be witnessed in your divine essence. YOUR SISTERS NEED YOU in your full expression. Join me on this journey of awakening not only your voice, but your soul. Learn how to play the ukulele and sing sacred mantras without fear so that you can be a portal of change on our planet.

What will you learn in this 5-week course?

  • play the ukulele (really, you can do it!)
  • perceive your body as an instrument of Universal creation
  • write and sing original songs from your heart (it’s so much fun!)
  • develop your song-writing skills
  • practice Pranayam (breath work) exercises to enhance your voice
  • sing Sanskrit mantra & Hawaiian chant
  • communicate more lovingly through Non-Violent Communication
  • create empowering habits that will impact all areas of your life
  • play all of the songs/chants on my Lakshmi Lullabies album because you will all receive the NEW Lakshmi Lullabies songbook in an online PDF format

Dates and Location

We start on the summer solstice!

June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12, and July 19

Every Tuesday at 3pm HST

This course is held on live Zoom calls.

Recorded replays will be available within 24 hours.

Noelani Love

Mother, Jewelry Designer, Musician, RYT200


Aloha! I am an artist. I love sharing my passions and empowering others to explore their own sense of creativity. Noelani Hawaii began in 2005 shortly after graduating from college, where my hobby of jewelry design turned into my career. I loved watching my clients' energy light up in my designs; they felt empowered + beautiful, giving me a sense of purpose.

After the birth of my son Aukai in 2008, I began exploring a more holistic lifestyle, which eventually led me to where I am today: with the knowledge that we are all energetic vibrational beings collectively experiencing this dream of life. As a mother, jewelry designer, musician and yoga teacher, my work is in service to the evolution and awakening of consciousness on planet Earth.

We are powerful and creative when we tap into our divine birthright.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With training in various styles of yoga and Sanskrit mantra in India, along with traditional Hawaiian chanting and hula dance, I enjoy connecting ancient wisdom to modern-day life with humor and grace. My motto is flow like water, as I find inspiration in my connection to the ocean as a surfer and free diver. Noelani Hawaii's mission is to inspire you to embody your sovereign essence that you came here to be.

Through the combination of sound and crystal frequencies,

I desire to awaken the divine light within YOU.

Me Ke Aloha,

(all my love)




♪ 5 live Zoom Classes with Noelani and peers

♪ Voxer Group to keep you accountable + engaged

♪ Journal prompts to inspire your heart songs

♪ Breathwork practices to activate your voice

♪ Lakshmi Lullabies album songbook in PDF

♪ “Magic” Chrysoprase necklace

♪ Exploration, rebirth, joy, pleasure, and lots of fun!

♪Exclusive 15% off ALL Noelani Hawaii Jewelry through July 31



♪ All options from Priestess Option

♪ Plus (2) 30 minute 1 X 1 calls with Noelani to discuss songwriting, blocks, anything on your heart, mind or spirit so that you can activate to your full potential… (These private 1 X 1 calls must be completed by Sept. 1st.)

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What students say about Noelani:

❝ I cannot find the words to express the wonderful experience I had playing the ukulele with Noelani. Ever since I heard her version of Lokah Samastah, I wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. I had no experience on the ukulele or any other instrument.

Noelani taught me more than just how to play Lokah Samastah on the ukulele, she helped me explore my voice, taught me how to breathe and just feel the music, and showed me how to bring this experience back home to share with my family. Not only was I able to sing them Lokah Samastah, but my boys and I are having fun making up silly songs and even singing our clean up song to the ukulele. ❞


❝ Noelani, in her loving way with gentleness, kindness and a big smile showed me the way to strum an ukulele, play the chords, and sing the most beautiful Hawaiian song in a matter of 30 minutes. I went from knowing nothing about musical instruments to playing and singing to the ukulele all on my own. My husband who plays guitar was watching and was astonished by the simplicity and art of her teaching.

She was so skillful in her approach that I learned with ease. She is passionate for the ukulele and teaching is her gift. I feel blessed to have been taught by a gifted woman! ❞

-Jacque Laird

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