Hawaii Yoga Institute (HYI) provides nationally recognized yoga teacher training programs and continuing education courses that empower students and faculty to develop their unique yoga teaching style through service based yoga. HYI specifically reaches out to include students and faculty members who represent a strong diversity of race, class, gender, size, physical ability and spiritual traditions to inspire and empower them to model and teach skills for improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for all people within their community.

How You Can Support Others

Direct Donation

Many HYI students get the opportunity to become yoga teachers and further their studies from the generous donations made by every day people who know and value the benefits of yoga. MAHALO for your financial contribution!

Spread the Word

We  recognize that support comes in many forms beyond finances. We appreciate your belief in our mission and helping to spread awareness around what we do. Tell your friends about us and tag us in your post, and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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