Here's how you can make a difference.

There are lots of ways that you can contribute and support our mission to share yoga with everyone. Here are the 2 most impactful options.

1. Make a direct contribution

While we are able to offer at least 2 partial scholarships each training, we aim to offer 3 full scholarships. And we need your support to reach this goal of increasing access to yoga eduation. Remember that your contribution is tax-deductible. We will send you a receipt immediately after each contribution and a year-end summary.

Here's why we need your help:

Unfortuantely, yoga is not accessible to everyone. It is a BIG BIG BIG goal of ours to offer as many scholarships as we can to those cannot afford tuition, especially to our local community and to those who come from undersrepresented backgrounds in the yoga community.

Many HYI students get the opportunity to become yoga teachers and dive into their studies from the generous contributions made by you — the every day people who know and value the benefits of yoga. We strongly believe that yoga can change the world because Self-aware people will take action toward inner change, which inevitibly leads to communal change. Without Self-awareness, we cannot change what we don't see needs to be changed.

Your monetary contribution goes a long way:

Your donation goes directly to helping someone complete their yoga training, and it does not stop with that single person. They will continue to pass on the teachings of yoga to others—in both obvious and subtle ways—and those people will also pass it on for a ripple effect. We invite you to be part of creating that ripple of yoga.

A one-time donation of ANY amount is great. Joining our monthly giving program to support the Diversity in Yoga Fund is even more impactful. We hope that you feel a sense of fulfillment and connection by contributing to the cause of sharing yoga with everyone, and not just those who can afford it.

2. Spread the word

We recognize that support comes in many forms beyond finances. We appreciate your belief in our mission and helping to spread awareness around what we do. Tell your friends about us and tag us in your post, and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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